SymTRX - The Future of Fertilizer

Anuvia Plant Nutrients and ATP Nutrition Launch SymTRX™, the First Bio-Based Granular Fertilizer in Canada

The Future of Fertilizer

Beyond its distinctly different appearance, SymTRX is a distinctly different fertilizer, delivering higher yields and improved soil health for your crops. Your crops and your bottom line will see the benefits, all while supporting a healthier, sustainable future for people and the planet.

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We have partnered with Anuvia to bring you the latest innovation in Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer, SymTRX™. SymTRX offers bigger yields, healthier crops and the confidence of using a product that is better for people and the planet.

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Higher yields with enhanced nutrient efficiency. 

SymTRX promotes more efficient plant nutrient uptake and utilization, translating to lower nutrient loss, higher yields, and 3 to 5 times ROI.

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Healthier Soils, Healthier Crops

By returning up to 16% organic matter back to the soil, SymTRX feeds the soil microbiome and helps the land regenerate, ensuring the future health of your soils. 

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Easy to blend, easy to apply

With dry, hard, uniform, high performance granules, SymTRX can be handed with existing application equipment and easily blended with other nutrient products. 

Sustainable Production 

Using bio-based technology to deliver recycled organic matter and nutrients to crops, SymTRX provides immediate and long-term benefits to feed crops today and improve soil health tomorrow. 


Technical Review

SymTRX Overview

Brief overview of the SymTRX technology and its benefits
Technical Bulletin Image

Technical Review

Deep dive into how SymTRX works and its novel approach to nutrition
SymTRX Product Sheet

SymTRX Information

Learn about the features and benefits of SymTRX 10S and SymTRX 20S
SymTRX Canola Trial

SymTRX Canola Trial

Take a look at how SymTRX performs vs. AMS in Canola Trials
SymTRX Corn Trial

SymTRX Corn Trial

Take a look at how SymTRX performs vs. AMS in Corn Trials
SymTRX Wheat Trial

SymTRX Wheat Trial

Take a look at how SymTRX performs vs. AMS in Wheat Trials

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