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Microbial Technology for Sustainable Ag 


Microbial Technology for Sustainable Ag

Synergro M2 is derived from a consortium of microbes uniquely co-fermented to produce a rich array of metabolites to improve the signalling capabilities of plants and liberate soil nutrients. 

Synergro M2 activates the root rhizosphere, delivering powerful metabolites to the area where the plant roots meet the soil. 

  • Increases rooting and vegetative plant growth
  • Reduces impacts of abiotic and biotic stress
  • Improves crop performance - drives yield and enhances quality
  • Registered by CFIA 
  • Safe and stable when premixed with fertilizers 

Our proprietary fermentation process converts microbes into beneficial metabolites.

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Key Metabolites in Synergro M2

 Through extensive research and analysis, we identified over 1,700 different metabolites produced by the Synergro consortium. We have consolidated these components into key groups that mimic the compounds a plant naturally produces and utilizes to optimize photosynthesis, plant health and yield. 


Component Function Component Function
Organic Acid
  • Make phosphorus more soluble and improve mobility of nutrients such as manganese, copper, zinc, iron, calcium and magnesium 
  • Improve glomalin production, associated with a healthy rhizosphere 
Phenolic Acids
  • Attract beneficial bacteria associated with a healthy root rhizosphere 
  • Mediate plant stress responses 
  • Support lignin accumulation and salinity tolerance 
Amino Acids
  • Improve complexing of key nutrients making them more available for uptake and utilization by the plant 
  • Improve antioxidant defenses of plants and alleviate salt stress 
  • Improve flowering, seed set and development 
  • Facilitate colonization by N-fixing bacteria 
  • Influence pollen tube development 
  • Regulate plant stress responses 
  • Reduce the impact of drought stress 
  • Priming effects that provide stress-resistance 
Phosphatase Enzyme
  • Releases phosphorus from organic matter making it plant available 
  • Helps regulate osmotic processes in the plant 
  • Improves root development 

Proven Agronomic Performance

Agronomic trials demonstrate that Synergro M2 can be applied 3 different ways (seed, soil or foliar) to show an advantageous and consistent agronomic response.


Winter wheat seed treated with Synergro M2 showed an average yield increase of 3.7 bu/ac for trials conducted in the Pacific Northwest.


Replicated trials from 2019 showed a strong rate response curve for both canola (below) and wheat crops when combined with a starter fertilizer at the recommended soil rate of 250 mL/ac.


Grower-replicated strip trials in Manitoba in 2019 on oats and wheat showed a consistent improvement in yield with Synergro M2 (125 mL/ac) at herbicide timing.

Winter Wheat Canola Oats and Wheats
  • Synergro M2 was seed-applied at 1 mL/Kg to wheat
  • Trials were conducted at 3 PNW locations by a third party research company
  • Small plot replicated trial conducted in Portage, MB in 2019.
  • Arise (starter liquid Phosphorus) was applied at 3 gal/ac in furrow
  • Synergro M2was combined with Arise
  • Synergro M2 applied at 125 ml/ac in a tank mix with NRG P (applied at 1 L/ac)
  • Synergro M2 and NRG P applied with the existing herbicide application


Product Recommendations

  • For a seed treatment, use Synergro M2 in combination with a nutrient dressing and a crop protection product. 
  • For soil applications, use Synergro M2 in combination with a starter fertilizer. 
  • For foliar applications, use Synergro M2 in combination with a nutrient(s).
  • Synergro M2 is compatible with most fertilizers and commonly used pesticides. Conduct a jar test to determine product compatibility. Contact your ATP representative with any compatibility questions.


Rate Timing
1 mL/Kg Seed
250 mL/ac Soil
125 mL/ac Foliar

To view the Synergro M2 SDS and Product Labels see links below.


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Product Label 


Product SDS 

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